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When creativity, experience, and wisdom fall in love, the powers of procreation are bestowed upon them. After a short pregnancy, the parental trinity steps forward to each take its place and thus: another blog is born. Well, ladies and gentlemen this baby genius is about to crawl out and host this show. That’s right, that slightly disturbing mental image is me: Chancy Johnson- your ticket to a place you’ve never been. A world you’ve never seen. My primary focus is shedding light on emerging musicians, actors, models, and prominent people so that you can know first hand who is going to pop up in the very near future. Tomorrow’s Michael Jackson is making minimum wage right now, writing tunes for his friends’ parties and flipping burgers. Tomorrow’s Sean Connery is a father driving his kids to school, playing scenes in his head and living a thousand lives simultaneous with his own. Tomorrow the world will know them. But today? They’ll appear here. Today they’ll find support in these words, and you will enjoy more than the brainwashed population you ride the bus with. Maybe they’ll never pursue fame. Who knows? But I see it as my sacred duty to bring into your life artists of quality and integrity. I’m Chancy Johnson, bringing them~

Out of the Woodwork.




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