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The relationship between entertainers is stronger than you might think. Music is great alone, yet add a film crew, dancers, and an actor or two and crowds go wild for a kick-ass music video! And what is a film without a soundtrack? Try watching your TV on mute. Not fun. Unless you’re watching the Kardashians. What about clothing and costumes? Just like in life, there is a cycle, a system of people climbing and pulling each other up to new heights. We can make or break each other. Who decides fame? We do. Where does an artist go without an audience? Home. That’s why I would suggest that we start looking at the entertainment industry as an ecosystem rather than separating it into individual parts. The more attention we give to people with real talent, and the closer we look at this industry, the less over-popularized time-wasters we will give our hard earned money to. End rant.




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