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It seems I have Halloween on the mind. As I sifted through my lists and photos of deserving artists, my eyes kept homing in on one in particular. Jeremiah Scott has started building momentum in the recent past due to his performance as a walker on the hit TV show The Walking Dead. In the finale episode of the third season, Jeremiah’s character was slain by fan favorite Beth. According to Scott’s website, “The scene generated so much buzz among The Walking Dead fans that it caused a social media explosion and ended up being a worldwide Twitter trending topic. Many fans were calling the scene the ‘best zombie kill ever’ and referred to Jeremiah as their ‘favorite walker.'” Scott was asked to be a celebrity guest at the Charlotte, NC Comicon where he hosted a Q & A session about the show. He went on to appear again at X-Con World VI

Though much of the buzz surrounding Jeremiah Scott focuses on The Walking Dead, I dug a little deeper and found that this artist has his hands in so much more. Two of his singles, Dance Floor Daydream and In the Mirror are available on iTunes. According to his official Facebook page, Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, SC. He has performed his songs extensively across the southeast. 

One final thing I would like to show you, then you can go back to pretending you’re doing something productive on your computer. Jeremiah Scott also has a rapidly growing music channel on Youtube. It features several original mashups and covers, with Scott singing and playing a wide array of instruments.

That’s all I have for today! Thanks for joining me as I bring them~


Out of the Woodwork.


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