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  If one was to travel Northwest, away from the beaches of Charleston and up into the Great Smokey Mountains, it is in fact possible that one would hear the sound of banjos amidst the evening mists. If one were to search for the source of the music, one may just have the good fortune to stumble upon a performance by Cal Olivier and the Fickle Souls. The first time I heard this band perform was in an intimate coffee house in Myrtle Beach, SC. They had traveled down to record a music video for their song “Home” under the direction of LA’s own Ryan Phillips. Introductions were given all around, but finally they prepared to play.

  The performance struck two nerves with me as I listened. The first was the quality, unadulterated sound of lyrics being belted out without electronic assistance. Sure, I listen to modern music sometimes, but it was so refreshing to hear the band’s solid vocals. The Fickle Souls worked their instruments so confidently, flawlessly executing an earthy, folk sound. The second thing that got me was that this music, though somewhat classic, flowed well and had the potential to carry itself next to modern day tracks. Check them out for yourselves. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Cal Olivier and the Fickle Souls’ website currently offers three of their tracks for free. That’s all I have for you today!

I’m Chancy Johnson, bringing them~

Out of the Woodwork


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