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   Following my posts “Prodigy” and “Calico”, I started doing a little more research on director Ryan Phillips. This director seems to have taken quite the liking to Southeast filming, and I now know why. In my research, I found that Phillips graduated from the University of South Carolina several years ago. If you read my earlier posts, you probably remember that he directed both the music video for “Home” with the Fickle Souls and the Independent film Southern Comfort, in which Soren Bryce was cast. 

   Today I want to focus not on Phillips (maybe another day), but on Southern Comfort. Why? Read on, impatient blog-scanner! I found very little information on Southern Comfort itself, save a simple facebook page with several screenshots from the film. I have yet to see a clip. Still, I remain fascinated due to the whispers leaking from several prominent areas in the film community.

   Since I had barely skimmed info on this film, I was absolutely shocked when it was mentioned by Hollywood Acting Guru Alan Baltes back on October 10th.  Apparently, the SoCo’s lead actress Lauren York has caused quite a stir in the recent past. I checked into the other attached cast, and came across so many of the rising actors I had hoped to profile on this very page, all in the same movie! Just what kind of Southeast-Rising-All-Star film is this going to be? Names like Justin Wheelon (recently hired as a producer by FOX), Anthony Paderewski (Savannah, owner of APhotography), Richard Bryant (Jeremy Sherwood from Army Wives), and, of course, Soren Bryce Martin. Though I know very little about this project, the quiet social voices hint that this is going to be big.

   According to the Southern Comfort Facebook page, the movie is set to release by the beginning of next year, 2014. It is heavily targeting Los Angeles and Charleston, SC, but my intuition tells me this is going to spread into something far greater. At this point, this is all I am able to share. Once again, thank you for your continued interest. 

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