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“That’s what I was born to do: to sing, serve, and to give back to my people and the world through every talent I have.”

-Amna Millewa


I want to take a moment today to examine why I write this page. Why do I support art at all? I’ll tell you why. Because I believe it can improve our lives. People throughout history have leaned on music and stories for comfort, inspiration, and bonding between people. American slaves created Spirituals to encourage and empower themselves. So, too, should be our goal as entertainers, artists, and patrons of art of any kind. That’s why today, I want to focus on an artist that has devoted herself completely to a cause: Amna Millewa, singer and advocate for African awareness in the U.S.

Amna’s new video “Abyei/Nuba Mountains” recently hit the web, reaching 11,000 views in only a month. In her heartfelt description of this video, Amna stated on her blog “we have not forgotten you Abyei”. Amna was born in Sudan in 1990, and traveled with her family to many countries including Darfur and Egypt before finally moving to the United States. The hopeful African-Style music that she creates captures the heart and transports you halfway around the world to join your foreign brethren.

In 2011, Amna Millewa founded “Youth in Action“, a small community movement that began in Columbus, Indiana. It’s purpose was (and still is) to encourage teenagers and young adults to take an active, giving part in their communities. Amna’s efforts were recognized in a newspaper called The Independent just a few short months ago. That article can be read here. She also appeared on the Nebraska television station NTV (the synopsis can be found here).

It’s artists like Amna that give me hope for us as a people. I think it’s important that we remember who we are, and just what our priorities in life should be. Think on that.

Feeling inspired and hopeful, I’m Chancy Johnson bringing them~

Out of the Woodwork.


3 comments on “Warrior

  1. Amna Millewa
    November 8, 2013

    Amazing work 🙂 Thank you

    November 9, 2013


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