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12 hours onset…
I got beat up, shot, knocked down, dragged, and picked up take after take. My whole body is going to hate me in the morning, but God do I love making movies.

Anthony Paderewski


Wisdom. In ancient days, King Solomon prayed for it. The young even still seek for those who can impart it. As the Karate Kid, Daniel-San had his Mr. Miyagi. Eminem had his Dr. Dre. Where, then, can young artists turn for growth? In the fiercely competitive field of acting, there are sadly few people or organizations that are not trying to take advantage of rising actors and actresses. Thousands of scam artists attempt to prey on the young, the old, and the naive. Who can they trust?

That’s what this post is about. It’s about a man who not only has genuine experience, but who uses that experience in a trustworthy way. This man keeps a careful eye on his students, diligently working with them and desiring their success. This man is wise and encouraging.

This man is Anthony Paderewski.

To simply call Paderewski an actor would be like calling a planet something round. Though he does have over 20 credits attributed to him on his IMDB page, his work in the US Southeast is far greater than that. Paderewski is the man behind the camera for a horde of US actors, comedians, singers, and other various artists. His thriving photography business, APhotography, is located in Savannah, Georgia. However, Paderewski regularly travels to cities such as Jacksonville, Orlando, Houston and Charleston, SC to take headshots and other photographic necessities for the people of those areas.

Paderewski has co-hosted professionally sponsored acting workshops in both Charleston and Savannah, and recently stated his plans to host more in the future. For Savannah locals or those willing to drive, Paderewski regularly offers coaching for actors/actresses of any age in his studio. His students have booked roles in everything from the horror film The Sacrament to Spongebob Squarepants 2 and AMC’s The Walking Dead.

I find myself once again proud to support the efforts of a man like Anthony Paderewski. Want to check him out for yourself? You can!

Here’s where you can find him:

IMDB: imdb.me/anthonypaderewski

Facebook: facebook.com/anthonypaderewski

Acting/Coaching Website: anthonypaderewski.com

APhotography Website: a-photography.biz

Simply sharing what I’ve learned, I’m Chancy Johnson, proud to bring them~

Out of the Woodwork.


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