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Giving Back

We stick together, like family. We’ve received so much support, now it’s time to give back. Happy Holidays, everyone.”

-Chancy Johnson

Stand. Out.

I am pleased to announce our first event of the year! As an early Christmas gift,  “Out of the Woodwork” will reporting on one lucky winner in a new contest! Rising actors, singers, and artists of any kind are encouraged to submit. No purchase or personal information necessary. Interested applicants should submit the following information:

*Professional Name
*Publicly accessible press/awards (optional)
*IMDB page, website, or equivalent web page (if available)
*Two photos of you in action

Must include listed information to be considered! The prize?full profile, including picture here on “Out of the Woodwork”.

All submissions may be sent to Chancy Johnson’s email at: chancyjohnsonnp@gmail.com by 12:00am on December 16th, 2013! We have already received several submissions, so don’t miss out!

Here are some frequently asked questions from our staff:


What is “Out of the Woodwork”?: “Out of the Woodwork” is a blog that reports on performers, entertainers, artists, and writers that work at a professional level, but are not necessarily “household names”. It was created to bring more attention to quality artists. It can be found online at www.chancyjohnson.wordpress.com, or featured on nysomproductions.com.

How is the winner determined?: A panel of 5 judges will determine one winner from those who properly submit. The panel will consist entirely of professional artists and entertainers, and will be revealed over the coming weeks.

What is the theory behind all of this?: The theory is that during the contest, a large audience will be paying attention to the results. For those submitting, this means that the winner will be revealed to all parties involved, and will gain a large amount of attention.

What do I need to do to submit?: Simply follow the guidelines listed at the top of this event page. You do not need to physically attend anything, you will never be asked to make a purchase, and personal information is not needed. It really is free publicity.

When can I submit?: This contest runs from November 25th through 12am, December 16th. Further submissions will be reviewed at a later date if they follow the same guidelines.

Who can enter?: Anyone with professional work looking to gain public attention. Singers, actors, writers, rappers, fashion designers, painters, YouTube personalities, motivational speakers, etc.

Should I share this event with other artists?: Yes. I will continue to report on outstanding candidates in the future. Therefore, even if you do not win the contest itself, you may be contacted and profiled based on merit alone.

I do not live in the United States, can I still submit?Yes. “Out of the Woodwork” is an international blog, and welcomes artists from anywhere in the world. It has been viewed in a wide range of countries including the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Finland, the Netherlands and Canada. Submissions must be received in English.

Excited to work with YOU, I’m Chancy Johnson, here to bring you~

Out of the Woodwork.


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