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After a relaxing Thanksgiving with the family, I am excited to bring you the finalized panel of celebrity judges for our holiday contest! We have worked hard to find judges from a variety of different paths in order to a fair and supportive atmosphere for all involved parties. I will tell you briefly about each of them below.


Judge #1: Mikey Jayy.

Here’s the word from Mikey’s people:

“Mikey Jayy is the Program Director of KGUP 106.5FM, an alternative-mainstream radio station based out of Los Angeles, CA. Mikey is a host on the radio show called, The Great Unknowns Presents and is the Managing Editor at All Indie Magazine. Mikey is also the Founder and Executive Producer of the Artists In Music Awards, an award platform showcasing and honoring the most talented independent artists from around the world.Mikey’s previous career also includes working as a NASCAR sports writer for World Voice News in Washington DC, a self-improvement writer, and food & wine critic. In education, Mikey holds majors in Broadcasting, Journalism, and Music Business. He has positioned himself not only as a producer, a program director, and radio personality, but an industry mogul with an eye for discovering talent that are at the cusp of mainstream stardom.”Executive Producer,
Artists In Music Awards
Email(s): aimusicawards@yahoo.com
Official Website: http://aimusicawards.com/


Judge #2: Jake Simpson

Jake Simpson is a photographer currently working in NY. He specializes in edgy, creative shots, and his work has landed him thousands of fans.

You can check out his work at www.jakesimpphotos.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/jakesimpphotos.


Judge #3: KO-Lition

Confused? KO-Lition is actually a Hip-Hop/Jazz/electronic group currently consisting of two brothers. Though there are two of them, they will only submit one joint vote.

Here’s the word from KO-Lition:


“When you grow up in a three bedroom apartment with eight children and one parent, you tend to share everything with each other, especially a Love for Music.” From Jazz to Classic Soul, Hip Hop to Electro Rock, Blues to Dance, the duo now known as Ko-Lition grew up loving and appreciating the late Greats and well known independents. With a love for lyricism and great storytellers like Biggie, 2Pac, Slick Rick, and Jay-Z, they soon developed a taste for Hip Hop and began writing and spitting their own stories to friends and family.

Tales of Brooklyn days, low-income living, and young adulthood would transform two adolescent city Boys into intelligent thinkers. They reached out to anyone who would listen and were eventually picked up by Brothers and Sisters Entertainment (BSE) where they were able to really bring out their talent through showcases all over the East Coast like BET’s 106th and Park, BB Kings, and Public Assembly.

The duo has since ventured out on their own and created their own production company: See Music Live, LLC which embodies the importance of astonishing and energetic stage presence as well as their vision of where they want to see music go in the years to come. Ko-Lition has been performing in various night lounges, clubs, and showcases throughout the area including Webster Hall, Drom NYC for Hot 97’s Mic Check Wednesdays and most recently winning ‘Best Hip Hop Artist’ for the Artist in Music Awards 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. They’re making their mark spreading their Hip Hop/Jazz/Electro sound with their Debut album ‘Love Jazz Robotz’. Songs like ‘Blindsided’ featuring the angelic voice of Raine, ‘Must Be Robotz’, and ‘Personal Legend’ all tell great personal stories with powerful instrumentation for the listening ear. The lesson is ‘See Music Live… It’s Bigger Than Hearing It.’ ”

Check them out over at www.kolitionmusic.com


Judge #4: Anthony Paderewski

That’s right! The Sensei himself will be reviewing submissions and helping to determine the ultimate victor! If you missed it last week, I wrote a lengthy article about him that can be read here.


Judge #5: Lauren York

Lauren snuck in undetected last week as a secret celebrity judge, expanding the original panel of 5 to the current panel of 6. Miss York is an actress and model currently working in LA. You can view her growing list of credits on her IMDB page at: IMDB.me/laurenyork.


Judge #6: Malece Miller

Malece Miller was released as our final celebrity judge earlier this morning. After much anticipation, “Out of the Woodwork” followers were overjoyed to finally learn the identity of this mysterious judge. Malece ranked in the top 20 contestants on Season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance”. She is generally considered a contemporary dancer, and has appeared on national television multiple times since the competition. She appeared just this morning on ABC’s Mid-day News at 11:00.

As the writer and creator of this page, I can not begin to say how grateful I am for everyone’s support. Judges, readers, advisors and friends all have played a part in bringing deserving artists “Out of the Woodwork”. That’s what all of this is about, folks. Ever wondered why I stay anonymous? I’ll answer that for you. It’s because the mission of this page is to support talented, hard-working people. The road to stardom is often rougher than the public knows. Many of these artists had to live in poverty and uncertainty for years before they were ever even recognized. They get up and go to work, just like we do. The population devours their work, but how many of us take the time to thank them? If you gain nothing else from reading this blog, I hope that it has at least helped to open your eyes to what we can do for them.

Always hopeful, always thankful- I’m Chancy Johnson, here to bring them~

Out of the Woodwork.


One comment on “Judgment

  1. Wendy Lee
    April 27, 2014

    Love this blog and all the great articles about artist working hard to chase their dreams.
    Thank you for bringing these artist to our attention. I am a true fan of this blog!

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