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Winner! Winner!

“Storytelling: it’s what I do.”

                                                                -Jenny Kleiman


Finally, the post artists have held their breaths for over the past several weeks! I am proud to announce the winner of “Out of the Woodwork’s” first Holiday Contest, Jenny Kleiman. Kleiman is a director and producer who has traveled and worked all over the United States before settling in Charleston, SC. According to her website, Kleiman “describes her style as youthful, edgy editorials that still possess a commercial appeal.”

Jenny’s work rose quickly to the top during our Holiday Contest. Artists of all styles were encouraged to submit, pitting Kleiman’s work against that of a host of rising stars including  singers such as Glitter Rose, Celia Gary and Torrey Mercer, actors such as Brad Worch II and Joey O’Connor, and even YouTubers like Nathan Leach. In the words of Malece Miller, one of our celebrity judges, “It was a bit hard to do because they are all so talented.” Yet, Kleiman managed to rise above her competitors due, in part, to her high quality work and eye for intrigue.

Photographer Jake Simpson, our second celebrity judge, stated “Jenny really caught my eye. I think she has a true eye for the work she does and I even wanted to keep watching more and more of her videos. She seems to know how to adapt to each client that comes her way, too, and turn anything into a creative video and concept.”

Kleiman recently co-directed the video “Lost“. The Charleston City Paper quickly got wind of the project and offered it praise. Writer Paul Bowers said of Kleiman and co-director Landon Phillips, “they pulled out all the stops to make a statement.”

Interested readers can check out Jenny’s work at her website: www.jennykleiman.com

In my opinion, Jenny Kleiman seems to be an incredibly creative and high-caliber artist. Her work is as fascinating in style as it is in content. I would like to publicly thank her, along with all of the artists who submitted to our Holiday Contest. I would also like to thank our celebrity judges Mikey Jayy, Jake Simpson, KO-Lition, Lauren York, Anthony Paderewski, and Malece Miller.

Off the grid until 2014, I’m Chancy Johnson, thankful to be a part of bringing them~

Out of the Woodwork.


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