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A New Leaf


If you happened to check the “About Chancy Johnson” page, you may have noticed that I am no longer a mysterious entity. In the few short months since “Out of the Woodwork” was born back in October, it has quickly grown a far wider support network than I could have ever hoped for. For that, I thank you. I wanted to write a post to bring in the new year that covered a bit of my actual work in the entertainment industry. The purpose of this is not to glorify myself, but to lend credibility to the material that you will be reading. I want my readers to know that I am actively involved in the industry that I write about, and that I genuinely care about these artists and their careers. The purpose of this blog is (and always will be) to bring attention to artists other than myself.

Remember that post about Southern Comfort? The honest truth is, that’s where I truly started to pursue acting. It was my first time on a film set, and I was awestruck by the process and sense of community that I witnessed. Though I was simply an extra, the actors took it upon themselves to talk with me and laugh with me. Then, I got lucky. The producers liked my look, and they stepped me up from a lowly extra to a credited, non-speaking role as a high school student. I took that experience and the connections I made and snowballed into a flurry of gigs working as a background actor. In a few short months, I had worked on several nationally viewed television shows including Revolution, Homeland, and Army Wives. On every set I made it a point to make friends. I met actors, singers, photographers, rappers, and film crew workers. Eventually, I pushed for small roles. I landed my first role on the still-unfinished independent film “Weekend Warriors” produced by TouT Talent Agency and Reserve Productions. I landed a second supporting role in the Trident film “No Story” as a Zombie Detective.

The real flood of work began in 2013. It seemed to be the year of promotional videos. I was cast in videos for clothing companies such as Dirty Karma Clothing, I was in a music video for “Cal Olivier and the Fickle Souls“, and even a promo video for the magician “Howard Blackwell“. In my first lead role, I modeled tee shirts for Charleston-based Artisan Tees. I’m sure that there were more adventures that have slipped my mind, but these were the spices that made the recipe of my life delicious.

For good measure, I even started a Youtube channel with an original rap song (written and performed by yours truly), funny videos about my experiences as a waiter, and a cover song with the far-more-talented-singer Nathan Leach. Yes, 2013 was a fantastic and unbelievable year for me. I connected with artists that I never even dreamed that I would, made amazing new friends, and learned a confidence that I had never before known in myself.

But you know what’s the best part? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Ready to release a hurricane of talent, I’m Chancy Johnson- here now and always to bring them~

Out of the Woodwork.


One comment on “A New Leaf

  1. Karl Eisele
    January 13, 2014

    Great writing and a great idea, and a great stage name. Good luck with everything I will always believe in you.

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