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The following article was meant to be read slowly, in the voice of a weathered man from the Old American West. 


Sometimes I miss the more “romantic” notions that the world seemed to have in the past. I stare past my computer screen out the window, and wonder what life would have been like had I been born a medieval knight or renaissance painter. Though I realize that lives before modern medicine were likely anything but perfect, the essence of those days still draws me in. About a year ago, I started catching the tail ends of posts and articles concerning a certain “Outlaw Rocker” from Texas. An interesting title, I thought, but just left it at that. I came across this artist’s name once again when I began following the “Artists in Music Awards“, an awards ceremony for emerging artists based out of Los Angeles. They called her Glitter Rose. She wore a cowboy hat and jeans, enormous belt buckles almost as shiny as her smile and, always, a guitar. Everything about her screamed “TEXAS”, from her clothing and state tattoo to her dusty desert music videos. I had to know more.

Turned out Glitter Rose was a winner at the Artists in Music Awards during the same time that our girl Soren Bryce Martin was. My experiences with Spence Mills had renewed my confidence in artists’ willingness to cooperate. Boldly I called for an audience with the Outlaw!

And boldly she answered.

Glitter Rose agreed to be interviewed by me in much the same way that Mills had. She was open and willing to answer my questions, and I gained respect for her during our communication. Here’s a little insight into one of our conversations:

Tell us about your journey as a musician. When did you decide this was what you wanted to do with your life? 
[Rose] “When I wrote my first song at 12 years old, I knew I wanted to be a musician for life.  I always loved music, but had no idea I had a talent for it.  It was magical, it was like it had always been a part of me.”
You’ve been described as the “Outlaw Southern Rocker”. If your life was adapted into an Old Western-style film, what would your character be like?
[Rose] “[laughing] Bad! I would have been a traveler, probably a gambler.  I play a mean game of poker, so I think I would have made my living that way.  I don’t think I would have been a gun fighter, I like to keep my tricks up my sleeves.  I’m a damn good shot though, so if anyone messed with me, they definitely would have been sorry.  I would have been a musician of course, playing where and when I can.  Throughout all of this I wouldn’t follow the rules though, so I’d always be on the run.”
What’s new, Rose?
[Rose] “Lots of fun stuff in 2014.  I’m producing other artists.  I’m also going to be filming two new music videos, one being a short film for my song ‘Kody Was A Killer’ which will be written and directed by Amy Campione and the other is for my single ‘Tennessee Time’.  I’m organizing a charity benefit in the Spring for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Malibu, California [with] one hundred percent of proceeds going to the charity.  I also have plans to record my third full length album.”
What is your vision for your work? What impact do you want to have on the world?
[Rose] “I’m so blessed, I already get to do it everyday!  I want to inspire people to feel good and do good things.  That’s why I like to do charity events, and things to help others through my music.  I like to collaborate with other creators such as film makers, actors, painters, etc. to set an example of teamwork and dedication to our craft, to inspire others to work together and work hard.  I hope my music brightens people’s day, the way other musicians and songwriters have done for me.  I would like to do it on a major level, to make an even bigger impact.”
Can you give us a few trivia facts about yourself?
“I’m Italian and love to cook.
I was actually born in California, although Texas is home.
I’m a HUGE Batman fan.
I used to dance competitively as a kid.
I had a dalmatian named Ringo Starr from the time I was thirteen. He was my best buddy through my most influential years. He only liked me to play him show tunes haha! He wasn’t too deep when it came to music, he liked to dance.”
Last month, Glitter Rose performed her 3000th show in Universal City, California. Her performances are frequently used to benefit charities such as St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital. For new fans, I suggest beginning with her music video “Buda Negra” to get a real feel for the Outlaw’s style. You can catch both Glitter Rose and Soren Bryce Martin in an upcoming feature film entitled “American Girl“.
Off to meet with more of the country’s finest hidden gems, I’m Chancy Johnson, here to bring them~
Out of the Woodwork.





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