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About a month ago, while checking into the latest news on Soren Bryce Martin, I was invited to listen in during her “Twitter Tuesday”  interactive interview with Butterflies Radio. The interview was very informal, and the DJs regularly responded to tweets from their listeners. Social butterfly that I am, I ended up filling their feed with tweets during the show. Oops.

Throughout the interview, the band “Spaceship Days” was mentioned several times. Apparently, some of the band members were listening and responding at the same time that I was. After the show, I started my research. For one hour, I was a student of “Spaceship Days” on the web. I listened to several of their songs, and watched their latest music video, “December“. I was impressed! “December” had such a fresh pop sound to it- just enough to keep it vibrant, but without using the same tired qualities that make us change the radio station. I decided to connect with “Spaceship Days” through Twitter, and they quickly responded. Our correspondence varied a little from the style I had previously used with Spence Mills and Glitter Rose. “Spaceship Days” is a band, so the guys each gave their own input instead of using only one voice.


How did Spaceship Days start?

[Adam] It started in a dorm room with a couple instruments. It then moved to a living room. After that, a recording “space.” It then moved to the internet. It was then served on a silver platter to a new crew that wanted to hit the repeat button in a new format.

[Chuck] Greg and I have been playing together since college. We thought starting a band would help us meet girls, which was of paramount importance at the time. Along the way we started feeling like we were pretty good at it. Then we realized that other people were enjoying the music we were making, too. About that same time we got together with Adam, and then Dave a little later. Now here we are…


If a heavily dramatized “Spaceship Days: Origins” movie were made, what would it be like? How would the characters interact?

[Dave] Mostly with hand gestures.

[Adam]  It would be a lot of dead space with a tiny explosion from time to time. The characters wouldn’t interact until they did… oh, and when they did!! But as time went on, the potential energy of the flick
would build and build… with a ‘to be continued’ with a giant explosion.

[Greg]  It would start a a college with beer and big ideas, thecharacters would get older and wiser and accidentally learn how to play their instruments, and then decide to really get serious and start arguing about where we were going.  There would be some near-miss accidents of an epic scale, near death experiences, and several moments of seeing stars.

[Chuck] Ok, remember ‘The Avengers?’ It’d be like that. First everyone would have had their own solo flick; we’ve all been at this music making thing for a while, and each of us have had some pretty good, big budget adventures. So then, we’d all come together –  have the obligatory good guys fighting each other moment (probably about keyboard sounds or something) and then we get our heads together in time to play the big concert that will save humanity. For the record, it’s ok if Taye Diggs plays me.


What is your vision for your music?

[Dave] I’m sure everyone in the band has a different vision, but what I would say that mine is, and has always been, no matter what band I’ve been in, is to create music that people can relate to and inspire. In whatever way that may be…

[Adam]  With both eyes I look at music needing to be colorful and full of lights and excitement. With both ears I need to be stimulated with rich complex simplicity. With my heart, my musical vision is one that fades both in and out, swelling and girthy with a sexy professional grace.

[Greg]  Not following a current trend, but listenable all the same just from sheer melody and grace.

[Chuck] I have always aspired to play music I would love as a fanboy. I’m living that dream now.


What inspires you as a band?

[Dave]  That we’ve been making music most of our lives. It’s not about being in the band as much as it is being a part of something where everyone has the same passion and creating something together from that.

[Adam]  The exciting part about this question is the potential. We are finding who we are, caring about every moment, and breaking down the pretentious walls of pride and holding each other accountable. DO BETTER.

[Greg] Watching creativity unfold.  Witnessing the birth of amazing things, where previously there was nothing there.   Making something out of nothing that no one has made before.

[Chuck]  The feeling that come in the first instant when a jumble of notes begins to sound like a song, and the desire to experience it over and over again.


What are you currently promoting?

[Adam] Besides an acoustic machine that is fun and better than anything around in the area, our promotion and main focus is the recording of our new EP. Week by week, we are plugging away.

[Chuck] We are in the studio right now, but we did work with Every New Day Pictures to make a video of our single ‘December‘. The song was in Every New Day’s film ‘Secrets in the Fall‘. Scenes from it are cut into the video. We are promoting that pretty heavily now. We were pumped about how it turned out, and the response to it has been a pleasant surprise.


What advice would you give young adults struggling with how to begin their lives?

[Dave] Phew…I have no idea. I’m still working on that one.

[Adam] Don’t think of it as a beginning, but rather an entrance into the main system. When you reach out your arm to grab a handle in ‘life’, know that your shoulder is going to be yanked out of socket. The immediate shock is going to be painful, but once you get your head straight, you will realize that you have either the strength to pop it back in, or the ability to ask someone to do it for you.

[Chuck] Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is filled with little disappointments, but that’s the thing: they’re *little*. Think of your life as a wild, wonderful road trip. Every now and again you may have to take a detour, or pull over and go to the bathroom. You might even blow a tire from time to time. Its no cause for alarm. Just keep your destination in mind, enjoy the good experiences, try and learn from the bad ones.


Can you give us some trivia facts about the band and its members?

Dave – constantly fighting for the right to party.
Greg – constantly partying the right way without fighting.
Chuck – there is no right way. There is no fight. He is the party.


Dave’s favorite movie – Gladiator
What is Chuck afraid of more than anything – Clowns
How often does Greg workout – A LOT

Dave is afraid of clowns too…and he’s been in like 92 bands.
Greg can’t catch a football without breaking a finger.


“Spaceship Days” operates out of Chapel Hill, NC. It was a pleasure working with another amazing group of artists. Until next time:

I’m Chancy Johnson, here to bring them~

Out of the Woodwork.


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