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 “I want people to know that if you work hard

and are dedicated to your dreams, they can come true!”

Malece Miller


The first time I saw Malece, I was sitting in my living room grumbling that I didn’t want to watch a dance show. Like so many other men my age, I had never actually sat down and watched one because I was sure that I would not find it interesting. My wife argued otherwise. So, to settle the argument, I agreed to watch one episode. ONE. EPISODE. The big logo of “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” glowed on the screen. I rolled my eyes. I expected to see a troupe of Victorianesque dancers bowing and spinning circles around each other. I thought I knew what dance was. I thought I wouldn’t like it. I thought I’d stop watching after one episode.

On all accounts, I thought wrong. The people I saw before me were not stuffy traditionalists. They were feelings in motion. They captured love and loss and anger and pain and joy and desire in their graceful movements. They were so beautiful, but so… human. I connected with these dancers on a personal level- most of them were young and loved to talk about how they wanted to follow their passion and bring something positive to the world. I believed them. After all, they brought something positive into my world. Every week I sat alongside my wife and laughed and cried and cheered for the dancers. From the very beginning, one dancer caught our attention.

She was a little fairy-like girl. Tiny with white-blonde hair and clever eyes. From the first time, Malece Miller was our favorite dancer. She accepted every criticism with grace. She publicly thanked her mother for working hard and supporting her. She cracked jokes and worked hard, and every dance she did was a masterpiece for her fans. When it came time to vote, ours were on Malece. When she was voted off of the show after making it to the final 12 contestants, we were heartbroken. We wished her the best and hoped that she would stay in the public eye so that we could continue to enjoy her work.

Never in a million years did I think I would be interviewing her.

My correspondence with Malece Miller has only furthered my love for work and my respect for her as an individual. As you will see in our interview, Malece’s goals are somewhat… unusual for an artist of her age and status. She seems to genuinely care about being a positive role model for young girls, and often focuses on how grateful she is for the opportunities she’s been given.

Now that you know my side, let’s see what Malece had to say.

Malece, you were a fan favorite during your time on “So You Think You Can Dance”. How has that experience affected your life as a person and as a dancer?

[Malece] As a person it was a very humbling experience, and as a dancer it was inspirational and motivating to have so many people look up to me and watch me for what I am doing next.  It has also pushed me to become a better person. I am very grateful for my fans and all the people who supported me through this experience. 

When you auditioned for SYTYCD, you used a song by Elizaveta in your routine. Earlier this month, you starred alongside Nico Greetham in her new music video “Sorry“. How was working on film different than performing live?

[Malece] The difference between working on film or on a live TV show is when you are performing live it is a one time performance: no second chances. Film is so much more up-close and personal, and you have to emote on a different level.

All kinds of doors are opening up for you now, what’s something big you’d like to do in the future?

[Malece] I am truly amazed and grateful for the places that SYTYCD has taken me. Recently being on camera, I  realized I have a passion to act.  My future goals are to do more acting and tour with a singing artist as a dancer. 

How do you choose which music you use for your routines?

[Malece]  I like to research unique artists, but at the same time find music that  is relatable and feels good to dance to. At the end of the day I like to dance through my feelings and not just move through the motions. Therefore, the music I use is very important! 

If you were asked to collaborate with one of the other 14 People to Watch in 2014 (besides Lis a Tucker), who would you choose? What kind of project would you create?

That’s a tough question because there are so many great artists in Out of the Woodwork 2014! I would be honored to work with Elise Testone. Her music is incredible and inspires me. I also would love to work with Jenny Kleiman, her work is amazing! Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one.

What friendships have you maintained since SYTYCD?

[Malece] Being on the live tour for SYTYCD was a life changing experience. We became like one big family. I am still very close to all of the dancers. Several of us all live in the same apartment complex in Hollywood. We often train in dance classes together, as well as just hang out together. I miss those dancers who do not live in LA. We have group text and often skype those that are in other states. One of the hardest things I had to do was say goodbye to my SYTYCD family when the tour ended. I am so happy that several of us ended up in the same area.  I  have made friendships that will last a lifetime! 

How different do you think your life is from other girls your age?

[Malece] I moved to Hollywood at age eighteen to pursue my dance career. I made SYTYCD when I was nineteen, and now at age 20 so much has happened in my life!  I will forever be grateful for all the doors that have opened up for me.  You asked how my life is different then other girls my age.  I hope it is just as good for other girls and they are as blessed as I have been, maybe just in different ways.  You never know what people are going through in life, but hopefully dreams are coming true for all girls at such a young age. At age twenty, I truly feel surreal things are happening for me and I hope the same for any other girls my age! 

For the first time on “Out of the Woodwork”, we decided to include a few fan questions for Malece as well.


Danielle Besset asked, “Do you plan on doing any work on the East Coast?”

[Malece] I would absolutely love to, I hope I have the opportunity to teach classes on the east coast! 


Amy Fillpot and several other fans asked, “Who was your biggest dance inspiration growing up?”

[Malece]  “I would have to say Travis Wall. He inspired me to watch SYTYCD, and being able to actually work with him on the show was a dream come true!”


 Gerelisa Nolasco-Eisele asked, “What do you like to do besides dance?”

[Malece] I love to travel, ski, and bargain shop. Hanging out with family and friends is always great too!


Instead of ending on the usual note, I’ll let Malece close with some final words:

 [Malece] I am honored to be a part of “Out of the Woodwork 2014”.

I love being a part of such a positive website. I am grateful for all of my fans and people like you who support me through my journey. I hope that I can be a positive role model to all my fans.  I want people to know that if you work hard and are dedicated to your dreams, they can come true!  I feel blessed and I am full of gratitude for all the many doors that have opened up for me. I hope I can pay it forward someday!
Thank you again,

8 comments on “Icon

  1. Lisa Tucker
    April 30, 2014

    Amazing article!

    • Wendy Lee
      May 1, 2014

      Such an inspirational interview! Love Malece and all that she stands for. Thank your for these article!

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  3. Jackie
    July 12, 2014

    Amazing article, great interview. For a while, I think Malece was my favorite dancer on that season as well. She had this great ethereal, innocent quality to her that I fell in love with and greatly missed when she was voted off. So glad to hear she’s doing well 😎 thanks for sharing with us.

    • chancyjohnson
      July 13, 2014

      No problem! Malece was my favorite dancer during her season.

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