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Soren 2.0



There are just some people that strike you as soon as you meet them. Think back to the first time you heard your favorite singer; the first time you spotted your favorite actor on a film. Relive that feeling for a moment. For me, discovering today’s featured artist was like an entirely new dimension had been added to my world, like discovering a color that I had never seen before.

Before I introduce you to our guest today, I want to take you back to the origins of this website. It was a hot day in early fall as I walked down the sunny streets of Charleston, SC. I was listening to my favorite new singer as I walked, imagining a future in which speaking her name would be commonplace. She had a decent-sized fanbase at the time, but none of my friends knew who she was. I wanted them to. Questions rolled lazily through my mind. What is fame? What is talent? Who decides which singers are thrown to top of our billboards, and which are left to sleep in their cars or chase an impossible dream? Several blocks passed by before the irony of the answer hit me. WE DO. I stopped. I sat down. Like a train, my mind began to pick up speed, faster and faster. We do-we do-we do! My ideas of reality were so challenged by that single thought. I shut off my music and stared into the city. If all artists needed were people to pay attention to them, I had the power to make a difference. It wouldn’t even have to take money. No, what she needed was influence, a town crier to get the word out. I could do that.

For weeks I mulled these thoughts over in my head. As an English Major at the College of Charleston, I had access to a wide range of experienced, published writers. I spent hours consulting them and forming what would eventually become this very website. All of this I could trace to a single name:

Soren Bryce Martin.

I’ve been following Soren’s music career for about two years now. Unlike many other artists that I’ve gradually warmed up to, the instant I heard Soren sing I was hooked. In fact, the first time I heard her music was during a small, private performance on a film set here in Charleston. I could not believe that the voice I heard could possibly come from a 16-year-old girl. It was an old sound, a wise one. It was as if I was listening to a Siren: beautiful and deep. I craved that music because it spoke to my soul. After Soren and the rest of the crew left Charleston, I discovered that she had already recorded several songs. I bought everything I could get my hands on, and soon her voice filled my car everywhere I went.

Now, Soren is gearing up to release her new EP! I am so excited to support her in this, and I am proud to bring her music into the lives of my readers. There’s a reason we listed Soren as a person to watch this year, and she has already exceeded my expectations. In our interview, you’ll see some of the many accomplishments she has already achieved, as well as future goals you can help her with. Get ready to have your eyes opened!


It looks like you’ve been living up to your title as one of the “14 People to Watch in 2014“! Can you tell us a little bit about what’s happened in your life this year?

[Soren]  It’s definitely been a tumultuous yet extremely inspiring year. In the beginning of 2014 I won best folk/acoustic artist and best singer/songwriter through the Artists in Music Awards. It was such a crazy experience! And very, very humbling. I just think about me as a 12 year old writing little poems in my room. I never imagined I would get this far.


You recently launched production for your new EP, and it looks like there are several ways for fans to get involved. Tell us about it!

[Soren] Yes! I can’t believe it! I’m finally raising money to start producing my first official EP! It’s been a long journey for sure. People can get involved in many different ways. Whether they share it with friends, pledge themselves to preorder the EP, etc. There is even the option of executive producer credit available! I encourage everyone to go check out the page and see which exclusives strike their fancy!


What should we expect from the finished product?

[Soren] I’m really aiming for this EP to be a mix of Alanis Morisette, Dallas Green, and Elenra Tonra, with a dash of Meg Myers. I want to bring a new, alternative sound to the folk genre, to show that us folk musicians can branch and do other things: more angry sounding things or more upbeat things. I want to break the typical “singer songwriters play only in coffee shops” stereotype.


I’ve personally been waiting for Soren T-Shirts for a long time. Any plans for Soren merchandise in the future?

[Soren] I’ve been working on a few designs. I promise you’ll be the first to get one! As for others who want some merch, you can pledge a certain amount to receive t-shirts, posters, etc. Also once the EP is launched merchandise will be available on my personal website, www.sorenbrycemartin.com.


What else can we look forward to this year?

[Soren] I’m mostly going to be in the studio working like a busy bee getting this EP finished! I’m also playing a lot of shows in the summer and hopefully will book more for the later part of the year.


If you were to collaborate with another one of the “14 People to Watch in 2014”, who would be your top pick? What kind of project would you create?

[Soren] Hmm.. I would probably have to pick Lauren York, just because I’ve worked with her before and I love her to death. Maybe she could star in my next music video… (wink wink)



Following Soren’s career has been such an amazing journey. She is always releasing new and interesting material ranging from touching songs to funny videos. I have never been more excited for her as she pushes out her first official EP! Thank you, reader, for your support and interest. Remember- we choose who to give our attention to. The power is ours. Even by reading this blog, you are supporting positive new artists and casting your vote for who you want to see more of!

Until next time, thanks for helping me bring Soren Bryce Martin~

Out of the Woodwork.






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