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July Update

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14 People to Watch in 2014: Frontrunners


Our “14 in 14” list is all about growth. It’s about comparing artists to their former selves, tracking their progress and celebrating accomplishments that they’ve made. In the entertainment world, we’re are surrounded by people who are “more qualified” than us. Sometimes we become dots in a bracket or numbers in a placement line. Honestly, though, who cares how you compare to others? Art is about learning and growing, it’s about looking back to where you used to be and thinking “Wow, if I would have known that I would up here I never would have worried.” Today I’d like to take a look at four artists that I’ve seen push and make big moves over the past four months. They have been actively honing their crafts and rising to the next level. They’ve worked hard, and today we celebrate them.

Who’s climbing?

News surrounding JASON GOURDINE of Crown Vision Media has been relatively quiet for the past few months. Ladies and gentlemen, that is all about to change. While many of our other artists dominated our social media pages, Gourdine and his crew were silently making major moves with their film “Dominion”. We were given exclusive permission to release their big news first! Here’s what they had to say this week:

“(July 16, 2014) Crown Vision Media is proud to announce a distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment for the domestic and international DVD release of the film Dominion: Media Matters. Filmed on location in the burgeoning film market of Charleston, SC, the Lowcountry company, along with local cast and crew, have experienced great success since their November 2013 Charleston premiere. After taking home honors from the Texas Black Film Festival and winning Best Feature Film at the Charlotte Black Film Festival, the production began considering both national and international distribution.

‘Maverick Entertainment seemed to be a perfect fit for our film,’ stated Jason Gourdine, Director and Producer of ‘Dominion’. [Maverick’s] Founder and President Doug Schwab, a 31-year veteran in the film and distribution industry, has cemented the independent company as the leading entity for niche product with over 500 distributed films in the United States. Maverick Entertainment Group catalog films have starred the likes of Eva Longoria, Harvey Keitel, James Caan, and Selma Hayek. Titles are currently available at all major video outlets including Amazon, Redbox, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Netflix. Maverick Entertainment Group films are also available via several digital outlets including Hulu, iTunes, YouTube, Cinema Now, and BBDigital. In addition, Maverick’s films can be seen on cable television VOD providers including Comcast, Time Warner, Charter Communications, and Cox Communications.

‘We’re very excited for our film to worldwide and allow it to get the exposure it well deserves,” says Gourdine. Dominion: Media Matters tells the story of media giant Jonathon Zander, known for his ‘take no prisioner’ business attitude. Under suspicion from a previous business deal, Zander must find a new, trustworthy face for his organization. When Zander meets the incredibly talented, yet socially challenged Sheldon Marcus, Zander finds the perfect tool to funnel his next shady business deal through. The effects of this new deal can cause irreparable damage, but Zander will stop at nothing to increase his profits. After living a life of mediocrity and insignificance, Sheldon must decide if he will participate in the deconstruction of society in an attempt to take down one of the most connected and dangerous business moguls in the world. Dominion is set to be released in early 2015.”

Crown Vision Media and Maverick Entertainment recently released their first trailer for Dominion:



More information can be found at



or at http://www.maverickentertainment.cc


SPACESHIP DAYS released their new EP, Saving the Universe on the first day of the month. Featuring songs such as “Fever Dream” and “Heartbeat“, this EP reminds of a cross between Jimmy Eat World and Reliant K. They are offering a free download of the EP at www.reverbnation.com/spaceshipdays.

SOREN BRYCE MARTIN spent the past several months raising money for her new EP as well, and was met with an overwhelming amount of support. Soren and her team took full advantage of crowd funding through http://www.pledgemusic.com, offering cool donation rewards such as T-Shirts, signed posters, live performances, and even spots on her upcoming music video! On Sunday, Soren and her team announced that she will be traveling to New York to work with David Kahne (known for his work with Lana Del Rey, Regina Spektor and Paul McCartney).

MALECE MILLER has popped up on several TV spots over the past few months. In May, Malece danced on stage as Ariana Grande performed for the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars”. Malece also landed a recurring role on ABC Family’s new series The Fosters. She is currently in Puerto Rico working on the film Teen Beach 2.


As a final word, I would just like to thank all of our readers. You are what keeps this blog and these artists alive, and we love you for that! Though I am the voice, it’s really you who bring them

~Out of the Woodwork.


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