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Summer’s End

summers end

As our student followers venture into a new semester this month, I would like to provide the perfect soundtrack to their fresh new start. The “Summer’s End Playlist” recaps the best of our discoveries over the past few months, including artists who scored an interview and a few deserving musicians we have yet to cover. It samples music from several different genres including pop, folk, country, rock, rap, electronic and easy listening. If you’ve finally grown sick of the summer’s pop hits, take an hour or so to check these guys out:

1. Sunshine – Bella River

2. The Perfect Storm – Soren Bryce Martin

3. Fever Dream – Spaceship Days

4. Black Friday – The Better Wild

5. Red Light – Glitter Rose

6. Father O Father – Watson Lark

7. Drought – Soren Bryce Martin

8. Looking Glass – Torrey Mercer

9. Saving the Universe – Spaceship Days

10. Sorry – Elizaveta

11. Gone – Soren Bryce Martin

12. Hits You – Trick Knee

13. Speak to Me – On the Run

14. Whiskey – Tristina Miller

15. Same Road – D’arce Peter


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