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I’ve always been fascinated with the works of “hometown heroes”. Normal people, people like me, who become something greater by bringing their community up. As a kid I loved reading Spider-Man comic books because despite his super powers he seemed so… normal. A philosophy that I hold tight to is the idea that the world is what we make it. This sort of mentality means that for all the terrible things that we have done to each other, the opportunity to heal and to hope still lives. It means that we can counteract some of the pain that we have gone through and reach out our hands to people in need. I am constantly on the lookout for such acts of caring, and last month I stumbled across an amazing pay-it-forward type movement right here in my own Charleston, South Carolina.

I’ve had my eye on Beathouse Productions for over a year now, taking note of various tracks and charities that they have sponsored, but not until now did I realize the magnitude of their love for this City. A few weeks ago, their founders and admins committed to one random act of kindness every day for a month. Every. Day. Don’t think that sounds difficult? Try it, I assure you it is. When was the last time someone you didn’t know did something nice for you? Start keeping track. The numbers are depressingly low. When I got the word about the Beathouse Kindness Challenge, I got in touch with John Scrughan to answer a few questions.



1. What is the Beathouse Kindness Challenge?

[John] The Beathouse Kindness Challenge is a way to interact with the local community and make a difference in someones life. It’s anything from giving a total stranger a smile and word of encouragement, to buying someone a house. The challenge is to take the time out of the routine, and genuinely help someone in need. The great part about it is that there is no self reward or gain other than the personal experience. The sheer joy in knowing that I have helped someone, and in turn that they may help someone along the road is reward enough. It is truly non-profit as there is no necessity for money to be involved.


2. Where did this idea originate?

[John] The idea of our Challenge was actually spawned off of a conversation between Mr. West, Scott Soles, and myself from the famous “ice-bucket” challenge. The thing was that it had turned into an internet fad where people weren’t following through on donations and were just doing it for giggles. Don’t get me wrong, it did raise awareness, which was the true goal itself. Secondly, it was getting old seeing nothing but negativity on my newsfeed. Since starting this challenge, we consistently get to see what good has been going on in the community. We just wanted to bring something to the table that offered immediate results to a local level. It’s time to start making changes on a local level and expand. If everyone would step up and take care of their local community and its members, it wouldn’t have to take time to expand, it would already be everywhere.


3. How does this challenge tie in with Beathouse’s identity?

[John] I believe that this challenge ties into our identity as we are always wanting to make giving back a part of everything we do. We are a very widespread diverse group of people with one common goal in mind: to make real music as well as help those less fortunate. We touch so many places from the UK, Australia, German, East Coast, West Coast, Canada, Etc. Why not use that expansive of a web to spread goodness and positivity?


4. Has Beathouse done anything for the community before this challenge?

[John] We actually have done a few events locally. We held a raffle of items sponsored by local businesses in which donations were given to local charities and food banks. We are also currently running alongside the #BeathouseKindnessChallenge with our debut T-shirt release. Shirts are on sale for $20, of which 10% of total sales will be given to “The Crisis Ministries”, now known as “One80 Place”. Please feel free to look over this organization. Maybe your kindness could start with a helping hand volunteering: http://www.charlestonhomeless.org/


5. Tell us more about Beathouse and what you do.

[John] Beathouse Productions is a Charleston, SC based LLC. We have a wide array of talent at our finger tips. From videos, photo shoots, music production, lyrical artists, to you name it. We have worked with many local artists as well as industry artists. It’s a great team I am proud to be a part of. Everyone has a role, and they play it well. Shout out to Mr. West, Scott Soles, Bernie Bernard, Brad, NoobWebz, Twinn D, Tre (S-One), Nina Ross, KeemEazy and the whole Surviva ENT clique, Cuttman and Ruff N Rugged ENT, Palmetto Fresh, Kinetic9, Solomon Childs, Chancy Johnson, Big Daddy Cade, Bread Muzik, NySoM Productions, just to name a few who have in one way or another had a major roll in my personal growth as a Producer. Thank you all and anyone i forgot, the list would never stop.


6. Where can we check out your music?

[John] We keep our YouTube channel regularly up to date on new releases: https://www.youtube.com/user/MRWESTASHLEY843
I personally just started a soundcloud that i will be updating regularly with tracks for sale or just to take a listen and see what’s new: https://soundcloud.com/saintjohn-beathouse


7. Can you give us a few trivia facts about Beathouse?

[John] Some random tidbits to share:

Beathouse was unofficially started in 2007 by MrWest, Meka, and Tez.

It progressed to a full blown LLC by 2012.

The Numbers in the Beathouse logo, starting with 0, spell Beathouse.




I care about good music. I love good quality films and beautiful dancing. But what I love most of all is good people. What the guys at Beathouse have attempted in their community could very well change the world. Imagine if each of us did the same in our own communities. What kind of place would this world become?


Proud to know artists who are making a difference, I’m Chancy Johnson, here to bring them~


Out of the Woodwork.


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