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It’s funny how very like Lewis Carroll’s character, “Alice”, I feel sometimes. My research takes me down the rabbit hole of the entertainment industry, and I fall upon one name after another. Like Alice, I never know exactly what I’ll see, who I’ll meet, or what dangers I will face. Each new friend leads me to meet another. It all started with “So You Think You Can Dance“. Watching the show led me to follow Malece Miller, and Malece Miller led me to a woman who now ranks among my favorite photographers, Lisa Tucker. I love photography that represents vibrant life- photos that have energy. Tucker brings these positive vibes with every new shot she releases. Her combination of striking colors, active poses, and spiffy logo makes me smile every time her work shows up on my Facebook news feed. Tucker has worked extensively with SYTYCD contestants and continued this year with some of Season 11’s talent. Establishing a connection with such a creative and lively woman is an achievement that I remain very proud of. Let’s take a look at what Lisa had to say in our interview.


1. Your business has really been in the spotlight recently after you worked with the contestants of “So You Think You Can Dance” season 10. How did you come into a job like that?

[Lisa] I was so honored to be apart of So You Think You Can Dance season 10 last LIVE performance! Not only did I get to do an amazing as well unforgettable photography session with these dancers, but I got to know them personally. They are ALL just as amazing on the inside as well as on the outside! I was impressed with how they were just like a family to each other! I got to spend time in the venue with them prior to their last live performance and really got to see for myself their love for each other! It will probably be the most memorable photoshoot I will ever do!
The shoot was set up just after the Salt Lake City performance, where I did a shoot with Malece Miller, Nico Greetham, and Paul Karmiryan. I have been doing Malece Miller’s hair for several years now and recently traveled to Los Angeles to do her hair for an upcoming movie she is in, and had another incredible photoshoot with her and  one of her fellow dancers in the movie, Austin Spacy!
I’m still on cloud nine from this opportunity this past year! I’m so grateful for friendships I have made with the contestants of Season 10!

2. How did you come to be a photographer?

[Lisa] I have been in the industry for 23 years now. I started out as a makeup artist, and worked at photography studio. That is where I learned so much! I retouched photos the old fashioned way, with pencils, paints, chalks etc…

Years later I went to school to become a licensed cosmetologist and it went from there, so I started incorporating all three passions: Makeup, Hair & Photography. I’m self taught with the photography side. I started out doing natural light, but love doing strobe lighting as well!

3. Your photography often mixes vivid colors with urban settings. What influences the look that you go for?

[Lisa] I love color! I love to hodgepodge outfits together. When I have a photoshoot, I put the clothes together the day of the shoot. I like to put things together that may not necessarily go together. So putting different patterns, color and textures is totally my style! I don’t want someone’s photoshoot to just be basic, I don’t like putting someone just up against a wall and click the button. I feel like anyone can do that. I am ALWAYS scoping out different locations. It means a lot to me to have something different, so locations are key for photoshoots that I do!

4. If you could spend the day photographing anyone or anything, what would you choose?

[Lisa] My dream would be to shoot an editorial for a magazine! That is definitely something I would love to spend time doing!

5. What advice would you give young photography enthusiasts?

[Lisa] What advice would I give? My advice is to find what “they” are good at. Try not to mimic what others do, because everyone has their own strengths! Just work hard, and stay true to who they are.

6. What sorts of obstacles have you faced in your line of work, and what did you do to overcome them?

[Lisa]  Really the only obstacle that I have been faced with is that there are so many people in my area with cameras, and they do shoots for way cheap, and so it seems like anyone and everyone does photography. So its frustrating that its becomes more about who will do it for less money, rather than having something done with quality and something different and unique. That is why I try to keep everything different and interesting! I always strive to keep learning and improve what I do!

7. I’m jealous of your hair color. Can I have it?

[Lisa] You like my hair color? Of course you can!

8. Give us a few trivia facts about yourself!

[Lisa] Some trivia about me….

 1. I LOVE chocolate! I’m totally addicted! I’m a crazy animal lover! Escpecially dogs! I would rescue everyone of them out there that needed to be! I have a handicapped Shih Tzu named Mr. Puppy.
 2. I’m a shopaholic, especially with anything makeup or photography-wise.
 3. I want to meet Dr. Phil!
 4. I have 4 children and a wonderful and supportive husband.
 5.  I am total home body!



Lisa Tucker Photography expresses through photos what OOTWW expresses through words. We both seek to inspire and uplift through our work, and to make people look their absolute best. I have been following Tucker’s work for several months now, and she has never disappointed. West Coast fans may be interested to know that Lisa Tucker Photography is located in Northern Utah, and is available by appointment.


Until next time! I’m Chancy Johnson, here to bring them~

Out of the Woodwork.



2 comments on “Click

  1. Wendy Lee
    September 23, 2014

    Great interview!!! We love Lisa and all that she has done for Malece and our family. It was such an amazing experience to watch her photo shoot season 10 and to get to watch her fall in love with each of those dancers. She is an incredible loving person, not to mention her talent!!
    Thanks for sharing her story with all of us!

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