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Monthly Archives: October, 2014


Today’s post originated from a concept I was discussing with a friend a couple of months ago. I am always trying to connect entertainers with the “rest of the world”, … Continue reading

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“Nothin is for nothin, you must learn it as you go.” Memmel’s lyrics resonated in my head for days after I spent a few hours listening to his music on … Continue reading

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When the clock strikes midnight, Out of the Woodwork will celebrate its first birthday. One year ago today, I sat down to a computer in the College of Charleston’s Addlestone Library … Continue reading

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Film sets are always ripe with interesting people. There is no “actor type”. Working on the set of our recent collaboration, Help, was a culturally rich experience for me. The short … Continue reading

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What is it about people that causes them to hate each other for their differences? After so many movements and speeches and protests, how do we still find race, religion, … Continue reading

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