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Chancy’s Choice: 15 People to Watch in 2015

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2014 flew by faster than I expected, bringing with it a flurry of new music, new friends, and new beginnings. Some of our past guests took major steps in their careers, others slowed their pace. Last year we introduced a new annual series entitled “Chancy’s Choice: People to Watch”. Early each year I compile a list of hundreds of artists who I believe will be making major moves in the following months. After several weeks of comparing, thinning, and revising my list, I decided on 15 names to include for this year. I am confident that every one of these creative people will not only produce quality entertainment in 2015, but that they will also go out of their way to positively impact the world around them. Maybe you’ve heard of a few of them. Maybe it’s time you learned about a few more.

1. Lorenzo Henrie is a young man you’ve likely seen without knowing it was him. You may have caught glimpses of him as young Vulcan in Star Trek, or in bigger roles such as “Ted Wheeler” in Almost Kings. If you are one of those venturing out for Mall Cop 2, you may see him yet again. Over the past two years, however, Henrie has been working on what looks to be one of his most promising roles yet as he stars in the Charliewood feature film Warrior Road. We expect this is only the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll see from Henrie in the coming year.

2. Soren Bryce Martin returns full force this year, bringing with her a shiny new recording contract and a highly anticipated EP set to release in the near future. Martin’s hard work in both music and film last year have built an impressive amount of material to drop in 2015. If there is one musician to keep your eye on right now, it’s Soren Bryce Martin.

3. Chehon used his success from Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance to grow a wide array of entertainment services. He now offers choreography, acting, film, and photography services. Last year Chehon produced a series of stunning black-and-white photographs, as well as action packed dance videos such as Shattered Beyond the Lights

4. Elizaveta steadily continued to grow her influence here in the US last year, releasing some beautiful new music videos such as Sorry and planting several original songs into the incredibly popular video game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

5. Paul Karmiryan has been busy since his appearance on Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance, and was recently seen teaching singer Ed Sheeran how to dance, as well as performing live during Sheeran’s set on the EMAs.

6. Malece Miller returns to our list this year as not only a dancer, but a rising actress as well. Besides her dance performances on music videos, Miller appeared on major film productions such as ABC’s television series The Fosters and the Disney Channel’s feature Teen Beach 2.

7. Ashley Bratcher, an actress from North Carolina, is rapidly gaining recognition in the Southeastern film industry, especially in Christian film. With upcoming appearances in feature films such as Princess CutThe Brian Lawrence Story, and an unnamed feature by the Kendrick Brothers, Bratcher is one actress you will definitely be coming across in 2015!

8. Valerie Rockey is our gamble prediction this year. Rockey finished second on this season of So You Think You Can Dance, and is currently performing on a dance tour of a whopping 70+ performances spanning most of the US and even venturing into Canada. After attending their performance in Charleston, SC this year and meeting Rockey in person, I believe that she has just the right amount of ambition, drive, honesty, and charisma to produce the kind of work that we love.

9. Jason Gourdine of Crown Vision Media continues to achieve success with his film Dominion: Media Matters, and struck a distribution deal that will bring it into stores on January 27th. We look forward to buying our copy, as well as hearing more about other Crown Vision films that were hinted at throughout 2014.

10. Layne Putnam added 6 new tracks to her iTunes music store with her soulful EP Warrior, bringing her list to an impressive 27 tracks available for purchase.

11. Jonathan Boncek has quickly become one of my favorite photographers. His work can be seen regularly in the Charleston City Paper, or on his website at boncekimages.com. His photos are always a masterpiece. Keep your eye on his food photography, but not for too long. It’ll make you hungry.

12. Watson Lark is the ultimate in underdog success stories. This is a man who has gone from losing his home, his friends, and his life to drugs into a totally new life of sobriety and beauty in music. Watson toured the Eastern United States multiple times during 2014, spreading a message of hope for all of his listeners trapped in addiction. Watson’s inspirational rap EP Regeneration contained the first of several new tracks coming in the near future.

13. Lisa Tucker‘s photography caught my eye last year and hasn’t let it waver since! Tucker consistently releases photos that don’t just look good, they make you feel good. She has further established herself with the So You Think You Can Dance community, featuring many of Season 11’s dancers such as Marcquet Hill, Tanisha Belnap, and Carly Blaney.

14. Torrey Mercer teased at an entirely new brand makeover in 2015, and released two new hits: Be Your Own Hero and Lies and Lipstick. Mercer continues to tour and advocate for victims of bullying.

15. Tony Memmel, the one-armed guitarist/singing wonder is filling up his schedule quickly, with performances in several different states. We fully expect another year of new music and big announcements from Memmel in 2015!


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