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Spring & New Friends


Time is flying by as always and the OOTWW family still continues to expand. We’ve picked up dozens of new friends every year and it’s been incredible to see them change and grow! Our recent collaboration with Sour Lemon Network and branch into the podcasting arena has opened up a totally new audience for us as well. In February our old friends Nathan and Eva Leach joined us for an hour-long conversation that got the tiny podcast out to nearly 500 people and pushed our Facebook page over 500 likes. We’ve continued as always to fill whatever needs we can for independent artists, and sometimes that means doing things that aren’t publicized. Blog posts and interviews are great, but we try to go beyond that and help artists really build connections with each other and their communities. It’s through this type of outreach that we met a few crazy cool friends in the past few months.

the fringe

The Fringe

The Fringe’s DJ Kalyn Oyer and I actually both worked for the Charleston City Paper music department talking up local bands and concerts. She started her new podcast alongside her partner DJ Squared right around the same time we did. What makes The Fringe so cool is that it consists entirely of music that was released in the past week, so it never has anything that’s been overplayed. They’ve become sort of a sister podcast to ours and are always down to help us get the word out. Each episode plays out like a radio station minus the commercial breaks. While they do have an ad or two each week, they’re comfortably spaced and easy to listen to, especially since the music dominates the majority of the show. Kalyn and Squared share casual, awkward banter as they tie their songs together into one cohesive and enjoyable whole.

Little Stranger

Little Stranger

We discovered Charleston locals John and Kevin Shields while working at the City Paper. The hip-hop/electronic duo is sort of like a surfy Gorillaz. Their debut release “Buddha the Beast” instantly grabbed my attention and played on repeat in my car for weeks. Each song was an experience all its own  and made me look forward to the next. Unlike my relationship with most of our other featured artists, I was able to meet Kevin and John for coffee and attend one of their shows. I felt like it was an important step for OOTWW. So far I’ve been able to be an Internet cheerleader, exposing people to new music and videos primarily through Facebook or Twitter and this site, but watching these guys live really sparked my sympathy for the very real lives of the musicians I talk about. While I talk them up on my laptop they’re out sweating and losing sleep bringing their music to the world.

leah rhyne

Leah Rhyne

If we can ever get our act together we’d love to have Leah on a future podcast episode. Another friend we made through the City Paper, Rhyne is the author behind the new YA novel “Heartless” that will be released on May 10th through Polis Books. As far as I can remember she’s the first author we’ve really decided to stand behind, and watching her journey with “Heartless” over the past few months has been fascinating. Polis was kind enough to send us a review copy of the book and we are loving it! More on that later.

You may also see this blog become more of, well, a blog in the near future. OOTWW is a fluid entity right now, filling needs wherever and however it can. Thanks for staying on board with us!



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