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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Captain’s Log: Day 2

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS Welcome back to part 3 of my No Man’s Sky coverage! So far my little space cadet has crash landed on a cave-filled planet, learned the … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log: Day One

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS Hello friends! If you’re joining me for the first time today, you’ve found yourself in the middle of a short series detailing my adventures in Hello … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log: Day Zero

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS It’s finally here. Since first hearing mention of No Man’s Sky nearly three years ago, I’ve jumped at any new scrap of information I could get … Continue reading

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Something about SondorBlue

I have a confession to make. While I spend a good deal of my hours each week immersed in music, I’m not too big on live shows. I know, it … Continue reading

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Fringe Benefits

The Fringe. If Out of the Woodwork had a sibling,┬áThe Fringe would be it. A younger, smarter, cooler sibling in many ways,┬áThe Fringe is a weekly podcast that exclusively plays … Continue reading

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