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The Fringe. If Out of the Woodwork had a sibling, The Fringe would be it. A younger, smarter, cooler sibling in many ways, The Fringe is a weekly podcast that exclusively plays music released in the past seven days. Everything you hear is brand-spankin’-new. Like our humble venture, DJs Kalyn and Squared are dedicated to using their platform however they feel will best help the music scene. Since releasing their first episode about six months ago, these two DJs have made a whopping 24 episodes available to anyone, anywhere for free. You can find them just about everywhere cool internet people go- iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify- as well as haunting various live shows all over Charleston, SC. They’re fun, they’re fresh, and they’re super awkward. Like, really awkward. Try keeping track of how many times DJ Kalyn uses the word “vibes” or makes a weird throat noise. But you know what? I like that kind of thing. The Fringe is 100% genuine fun, and we’re lucky to have found them. Check out that sexy picture up there in the corner of this article, the one of the Fringe DJs snarfing ice cream. You know who took that? We did. Why? Because we’re all in this together. This blog, their podcast, and every artist featured on them are all parts of a team dedicated to making life just a little bit better. Now, I can continue to rant or we can hear from the Fringemakers themselves, I’ll leave it up to you. Interview, you say? Interview it is! Check it out.

INTERVIEW (told you)


What’s The Fringe‘s story so far? Where did it start, where’s it been, and where to next?
DJ: The Fringe started as an idea for a radio show. Ohm Radio wouldn’t get their shit together, so we just started a podcast instead.We don’t understand how or why the listenership fluctuates, but we just keep making more because we like it. I think our future will hold The Fringe as an umbrella “thing” that supports local music through events and promotion.
Kalyn: The Fringe started as a brainchild of DJ Edwards, who tacked on Kalyn Oyer as his awesome cohost. The Fringe has been supporting local music since the start, as well as featuring brand new tunes every week. Both DJ and I have been interested in listening to new music forever, so this is just something to add to our already formed interests. The next step is seeing how The Fringe grows and trying to get more people to listen to our podcast (and good music).
Of the bands you’ve featured so far, who do you listen to the most on a regular day?
DJ: Tiny Moving Parts and Gillian Carter have been my favorite artists so far. However, the track that has been stuck in my head since I heard it is “Every Night You’ve Got to Save Me” by Mass Gothic.
Kalyn: I actually made a Fringe playlist on spotify that has all the songs we featured (that I picked and are available on Spotify) and I play that pretty consistently. So basically, ALL the songs. Also, LANY is one of my favorites.
DJ Kalyn just published a fantastic article on music scene supporters in the Charleston City Paper. What does it mean to be a Super Fan? Why are they important?
Kalyn: I think being a superfan in Charleston means going to shows and actually supporting local music. There aren’t a lot of people that do that on a consistent basis, so the people that you see showing up to different events 2-3 times a week, those are the real fans.
What’s the best way to support your favorite local band?
DJ: Find a way to get money from your pocket into the band’s pocket. Also, tell a musician how their art has affected you personally. For me, that’s the difference between “art” and “entertainment.” Both are important, but artists need to know they’re connecting with you.
Kalyn: Go to shows and buy their merch. And appreciate their music.

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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/thefringepodcast 

Facebook: facebook.com/thefringepodcast

Twitter: @fringe_podcast



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