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Soren Bryce x Black Coast


Folk meets electro-pop in “Sleep Alone”, a collaborative track between New York producer Black Coast and our old friend Soren Bryce. Since the release of her debut EP last summer, Bryce has steadily released new material to tide fans over while she wraps up her first full-length album. A couple of these ended up on TV shows, “Forever’s Not Enough” played on MTV’s Finding Carter back in October and Bryce’s unreleased “Gets Me Low” showed up on Syfy’s Wynonna Earp in May. August brought great news for Bryce fans, a feature on Black Coast’s single “Sleep Alone.” This was my first exposure to Black Coast (though a coworker had been recommending him to me for a month). After going back and listening to several of his older songs, I was impressed by the way both the producer and Bryce were able to blend their individual blackcoaststyles into a cohesive, original track. “Sleep Alone” carried all of Bryce’s dark folky spunk while maintaining the relentless rhythm and move-yourself energy Black Coast puts into his work. It’s the kind of thing you want to listen to when you drive home late at night, something to keep you upand keep you thinking. I managed to get a quick conversation in with Stan Rapoport, the man behind “Black Coast” and Soren about working together on “Sleep Alone.”


Hey Stan, new fan here! Mind telling me a little about who you are and what you do?

Stan: I’m an artist/producer from New York, going by Black Coast. I write and produce songs, and collaborate with other singers. The latest single is called “Sleep Alone”; a song I wrote with Soren Bryce.


How does a song like this usually happen? How did the two of you decide to work together?

Stan: Soren was walking on a pier one day and saw a lifeless body in the water. She pulled me out and when I regained consciousness, I asked her if she wanted to collaborate on a song together. You’d say “Wouldn’t you ask if she could even sing first? How did you know she was a musician?” Well, buddy, life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you just know.

Soren: Black Coast and I were paired together by a mutual friend who also works on my label. I’ve been a fan of Black Coast’s work, so I when I found out he was interested in collaborating I immediately replied “Sign me up!” It’s been a breeze ever since and I think a pretty awesome friendship came out of it too.



When you first start practicing with someone else, is it difficult to get your styles to match up? Is it awkward?

Soren: Well, Black Coast and I actually wrote “Sleep Alone” on opposite sides of the country at first. I was in LA and he was in New York. We collaborated back and forth over email until he came to LA and we tracked it together, meeting for the first time that way. It was funny because we had literally created an entire piece of work together but had still not met in person before tracking.

Stan: We were on opposite coasts when we wrote “Sleep Alone.” We kept bouncing ideas back and forth over email, and would talk on the phone or text. We met only when it came time to do the final recording. I flew down (or over?) to LA so we could do the recording session. We met and then recorded the vocals 15 minutes after. Soren’s a really chill person, so I was pretty comfortable around her right away. Hope she feels the same, haha.


“Sleep Alone” seemed to get a great reception, any chance we’ll see more Soren Bryce/Black Coast collabs in the future?

Soren: One would hope! Since meeting Black Coast and becoming friends we’ve started to have some sessions together to see if we can come up with anything, since we are both in NY right now, why not? I look forward to see what we create!

Stan: We’re actually working on more music together, since Soren is living in New York for now. Just last week we actually wrote together in the same room. It was about 30 minutes of trying to figure out what our process is, but after that I think we found our groove. Then we ate a whole bunch of snacks. That really helped. I really recommend having snacks; they’re pretty helpful in any situation.


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